Hello from western Colorado

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Hello from western Colorado

Post by h22 » Tue Mar 30, 2010 11:12 pm

Name is Joe.

I bought one of the first MS V2.2 boards back when MS wa fuel only. installed it on my 89 honda accord.
Then Mega-spark came out, required a separate PCB and HC908 back then! and it went on the accord.

Later on I installed a V 3.0 board and an MS2 on my dads 76 el comino, had quite a few issues with the beta releases for stepper idle and GM 7 pin HEI!

since then I have owned 2 other hondas, bot got MS'ed, I also did a few installs for freinds.

I am sorry to say that right now I dont have anything 'squirted :o .

My honda prelude is w/o motor, and the mitsubishi montero i bought to replace it is still run by the factory ECU. something i should really change.

Current project though is an 08 KTM superduke. for those not familliar it is actually a road bike, think Ducati with a serious attitude problem.

My job keeps me so buisy its stupid. average work week is 80-90 hours. so that gives me very little time to tinker anymore. But the latest stuff coming out ( MS3, MS2 3.0.3xxx, GPIO and the I/O-x) have me all excited to start tinkering again.

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Re: Hello from western Colorado

Post by jbelanger » Tue Mar 30, 2010 11:27 pm

Well, a belated welcome to the forum :)

I had seen the superduke mentioned before but I didn't know KTM made road bikes. And I just did a quick Google search and it's a very nice looking bike (with an attitude as you say). I miss having a bike (my last one was a late '90s GXSR-750) but with the insurance cost and registering fees we have in Quebec (which includes a government run mandatory insurance cost on top of the mandatory private insurance) and with the short season it doesn't make mush sense anymore. Anyway, the superduke looks like a fun bike.


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