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Hello All

Post by Minivan » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:52 am

I am new to megasquirt but experienced in A-series engine tuning.
I am trying out megasquirt with sequential injection on a highly tuned A-series engine wich sits in a Mini-van.
Engine specs for those how know the a-series:
kent 286 camshaft
omega forged pistons
1.5 full roller rockers rockers
stage 3 cylinder head
rimflow in and outlet valves
carbon fibre pushrods
ultra light engine internals
Home made inletmanifold with port injectors pointing right into the ports
Maniflow exhaust manifold and exhaust
Ford EDIS ignition setup

Regards Will

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Re: Hello All

Post by jbelanger » Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:36 am

Hi Will, welcome to the forum.

Those are interesting specs. What CR are you aiming for? And it would be interesting to see some pictures of the inlet manifold.

When you mention the EDIS ignition, do you mean the entire EDIS including the module or do you mean the sensor, wheel, and coil pack? If you mean to use the EDIS module then there is a problem: the module doesn't give any information on engine position to the MS. That means it is not possible to do sequential or even semi-sequential injection with it.

You need to use the VR sensor directly to the MS and let the MS control the ignition. This will give the MS enough information to do semi-sequential injection. If you want fully sequential injection (and it would probably be a good thing in your case), you'll need an additional cam sensor.


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