General purpose I/O board

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Re: General purpose I/O board

Post by mk e » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:25 am

That's very fair Jean. The MS3x board it ALMOST what I was hoping to talk you into. If it had 2 hall/VR inputs instead of 1, a couple more AN inputs, a stepper driver, maybe a 5V power supply then any processor board could be used to create an ECU and that is what I had in mind when I first popped over with the proposal......but I don't know how big the market would be.

It would be a better o5e solution than an MS3x +VR board+stepper board+power supply board(maybe not needed). But again if it's only o5e that would want/need something like this it may not be worth your trouble.

I have to say that I've honestly been amazed at just how price sensitive most people are about such a major component as the ecu. The control system is what makes or breaks every project I've ever been involved in and is one of the first things that gets written on the budget plan.....the problem always is that its generally the last part that gets purchased so the budgets already been spent by then which leads to either begging the wife for more money or cutting the cost somehow or both.

We are aggressively pursuing the GM hardware option. There is no question the o5e code will be able to run on it, the issues will be getting the code into it and then living with the HW limits or adding external boards. For now we are working with a unit I disassembled (which was a major pain in the butt) so we could figure out what all is in it and how to get at it.

Right now we need need to access to the jtag pins to program it and that means either getting the glued on back off or cutting a hole in the right spot. The longer term/practical plan is that we need to be able to work through the CAN pins in the connector an that means an adapter to buy for $50-$250 and writing something, maybe a plugin for tunerstudio to write the flash through the CAN port.

Then the HW is what it is. For example it reads hall sensors, period. So if you have hall sensors you're all set , if not you get them or a $50 VR board. I don't think GM is using wideband O2 sensors and I'm not so sure this board can support them.....more stuff to buy. There is a sister ecu, the dephi MT88, that has more flexibility but delphi is struggling a bit and only seems to answer the phone if you want lots and lots of ecus so getting them at all much less at a good price is a challenge at best.

The coming FreeScale board at $500 is..... well $500 and somewhat limited feature wise without adding external boards.

Also at $500 is the woodward unit ... 0_0904.pdf

Which is a better option feature wise than the FS board....but we'd need to crack it as they what to sell there software and aren't real keen on sharing board level info. I keep thinking I'm going to order one to have a look at but I haven't done it yet because the GM option seems like the same work but less money.

So right now I think we are on a couple paths that get us a cheap, if not the cheapest, basic ecu but all the paths have some serious limits and the price goes up fast if you can't live within the limits......and I just keep thinking there must be a better path.

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Re: General purpose I/O board

Post by mk e » Sat May 12, 2012 1:51 pm

The plan at the moment is the 5634 with a MS3x......we'll see what happens in a couple days when it comes off the bench and onto an engine.

Still missing to make a proper ecu though is:

1) a power supply. The 5634 has an on-board power supply but it requires a 9-12 input.
2) more protected Analog inputs....3 is really not enough.
3) a second VR input
4) a stepper driver would be nice.
5) finding a decent case

2 & 3 can be done with a second ms3x board but a board with all the missing stuff would turn this into a pretty capable ecu or ecu development platform for very little money. The 5634 has 1 pot and a few leds on board, can self generate crank/cam signals, and we've set up TS to supply the other "signals" by having it set the sensor value or sensor voltage as well as the test rpm straight into the 5634 FW.

What do you think Jean, is this something that might be a fit for you?
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