JimStim with ADC logging feature

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JimStim with ADC logging feature

Post by Reinerschub » Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:13 am

I´m currently using my JimStim in serial mode as a basic hardware in the loop test bench for my factory ECU. I read the outputs with an oscilloscope.
If you connect your MS to the stim, you can see the parameters you set with the pots (MAT,CLT,MAP,...) in your tuning software.
In my configuration the only parameter that is known and I can log without external measurement is the RPM because I dial it in digitally with TunerStudio.
While using the serial mode, the dip switch for the wheel selection is expendable. As a result there are spare ADC ports that could be used for logging the simulated or any other parameter.
Can such a conversion be done? Maybe you would like to offer two different versions of the JimStim. One with the dip switch and one without.
Knowing the communcation between the JimStim and Tunerstudio very well, adding some channels to log should not be such a big thing, or is it?
I would be glad with raw ADC counts, an option for linearisation would be perfect.


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