VVT for Subaru?

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VVT for Subaru?

Post by sjgharib » Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:19 pm

One idea for an "extension" item would be to be able to control variable valve timing. In my case it would be for a Subaru engine. I noticed that DIYAutoTune is now selling one for the Miata engine, but I don't know how that controller output is different then what would be needed for a Subaru.

The Subaru had 2 different valve timing schemes - one was simply a solenoid that switched from one cam to a second with a different profile.
The other was more like BMW's valvetronic, where the drive sprocket could be hydraulically advanced or retarded according to an input.

Have you ever thought about designing something like this?


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Re: VVT for Subaru?

Post by jbelanger » Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:24 pm

It would be interesting to do this but this is the type of development that is very difficult to do efficiently without having access to the real hardware (which is my case). There are so many potential pitfalls that it's not really practical to do otherwise.

Moreover, there is already work being done on the MS3 to support many different types of VVT. So if they don't already support it, they will likely do it sooner or later and most certainly sooner than I could do it since they already have a good basis from which to work. And doing this inside the ECU also has many advantages.


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