Subaru 3 wire COP 5v Logic?

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Subaru 3 wire COP 5v Logic?

Post by bomby » Wed Oct 29, 2014 3:19 pm


I allows me to post here because the forum Msextra and interrupted
I intend of cabled 4x 3 wire COP of an EJ20 on a MS3x card .

I am sad has to find information on it is COP ref: Diamond FK0186.

The independences are infinite enter the logic entry and 12v or the negative.

The engine run but I already have the chip 74HCT541PWR burnt for a reason indefinite still.

The procedures of diagnostic subaru indicate a control of signal 12V-0V reels work on the stim +5v but much more there +12V...

Any idea?


Je me permet de poster ici car le forum Msextra est HS.

Je tente de cabler 4x bobine COP 3 fils d'un moteur EJ20 Subaru sur une MS3x, mais ayant le chip 74HC qui a cramer je me pose la question sur la bonne determination du mode de commande de ces bobines.
L'independance est infini entre l'entree commande et le +12V ou masse, sur stim la bobine fonctionne sur le +5V logique du MS3 mais l'etincelle est bien plus franche en 12V.

Les procedures de diagnostique Subaru indique un controle de signal +12V/0V est ce possible qu'elles necessitent une commande logique en +12V? si oui quel solution aurais-je?

Le vehicule tourne actuellement en +5 logic MS3 apres remplacement du 74HC.

Dans le cas ou quelqun pourrait m'aiguiller...


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Re: Subaru 3 wire COP 5v Logic?

Post by jbelanger » Wed Oct 29, 2014 3:32 pm

You can use 12V with the TC4427 circuit. However, your measurements must have been done incorrectly because there has to be some resistance between the control pin and the ground pin. That will tell you if you need to change something with respect to the recommended circuit in the manual.

And this forum is not intended to be used for Megasquirt issues even if the msextra forum is down.


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Re: Subaru 3 wire COP 5v Logic?

Post by bomby » Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:08 pm

Thank you for your answer and I apologize for the disturbance.
I have already acquired about one of your products, I was persuaded to have a (good one) answer from you.

I am going to make an assembly with TC...


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