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close to final assy

Postby jrods2 » Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:52 pm

I'm almost ready to do first tests on board. Been reading the manuals a lot and just happened to see a statement at pg 194 about parts smoking, if any parts start smoking shut down and replace part, I used to hire out all my electrical work but as time went by I couldn't always afford it so I started doing it myself. Anyway my point is:
}}}}}Contrary to popular belief motors do NOT run on electricity, they run on SMOKE, if the smoke gets out they are no longer any good and must be repaired.]]]]]] Was a quote on the sign at a electrical repair shop, just wanted to share.
building ms2 & jimstim for my use. 66 ford galaxie 390 cid Paxton super charger @ 20 psi
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