I think I might have screwed up my TinyIOx

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I think I might have screwed up my TinyIOx

Post by subynut » Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:32 am

Hello all,

I have a TinyIOx that I am in the process of installing alongside my Microsuirt EMS. I had it connected and talking till I went to start the engine and that's when everything went haywire. It started off with TunerStudio saying there was a port conflict and the "Config Error" light was on in TS for the TinyIOx. I tried to revert back to the config I had that seemed to work. But, it wasn't remembering the settings. The last power cycle I did, I mistakenly went too far and bumped the starter and that's when everything went dark for the TinyIOx. TunerStudio doesn't see the TinyIOx, neither does the port scanner.

I know what happened, the 5v power supply I was feeding the TinyIOx was triggered by the accessory instead of the main relay. So, when I had mistakenly bumped the starter, the power momentarily cut out in mid-saving of the configuration and screwed up the firmware (I think). Super stupid, I should have known better, but what has been done is done. :-( I fixed the power issue, it's now being triggered by the main relay, but no change in the TinyIOx. :-(

So, have I borked my TinyIOx? Is there a way to reflash the firmware in it's current state? I see that boot jumper on the board, is there a way to use that to get it to allow me to refresh the TinyIO? Or, have I made a fatal mistake and will need to get a replacement?

Feeling stupid,

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Re: I think I might have screwed up my TinyIOx

Post by jbelanger » Thu Oct 15, 2020 12:52 pm


If this is just a problem with the memory content being corrupted you should be able to recover. If there was a voltage spike due to the wiring then that may be fatal.

To recover, you just need to short the 2 pad of the bootloader header with the power off and then power up the unit. This will put the TIOx in bootloader mode. You should the see it when you run the port scanner. If you do see the TIOx on the port scanner you simply need to reload the firmware using the drop down menu besides the TIOx entry. Note that this will not keep any setting you may have changed. You also need to remove the short on the bootloader header before restarting the TIOx or before loading the firmware; it's only needed at power up.

The firmware is available here.


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