P&H driver board V2.0.1

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P&H driver board V2.0.1

Post by jbelanger » Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:02 pm

There is a new version of the external driver board that is a small revision of the V2.0 board: http://www.jbperf.com/p&h_board/v2_0_1.html.

For those not familiar with the old version, this is a board that can drive up to 4 low impedance injectors using the ECU injector outputs. This can be used with the MS3X injector outputs (2 boards needed for more than 4 injectors), the injector outputs on the V3.0 or V3.57 MS boards, and the injector outputs on the Microsquirt. It can also be used on the injector outputs of any non-MS ECU as long as these are ground switching outputs.

It can be used for sequential or batch injection since all the drivers are independent. And it can drive high impedance injectors so switching between different injectors does not require the removal of the P&H driver box.

I currently only have a small batch of boards but more are coming so they should be available for as long as there is demand.


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