P&H v2.0.1 Stand Alone Wiring ?'s

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P&H v2.0.1 Stand Alone Wiring ?'s

Post by mcamp25 » Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:39 pm

DSM P&H WIRING.png (185.63 KiB) Viewed 1913 times
I have a simple questing pardon my Microsoft paint image. Basically I am want to use your P&H v2.0.1 driver board in a stand alone mode with a 1995 eclipse GSX ecu. I dont want to remove the original injector plugs from the harness in case I decide to go back to my 1100cc High-Z injectors which I am currently running. I will be switching to FIC 1800 CC Low-Z injectors. I am running the larger injectors so I can run E85 with the option of running Q16 also. my issue Is I basically get how to wire this peak and hold drive into my existing system.. Basically I bought 4 x male ev1 pig tails and 4x ev1 connectors. The female side which goes to the injectors was easy to figure out. however the male side I am not 100% on. I know the ECU's internal injector drivers ground the injectors to activate them.. so I run the ground side of the connectors to the input signal wires on the P&H board... This however leaves me with 4 positive wires coming off my EV1 male connectors.. do I just tie these into the 12v input for the P&H board or just shrink wrap them off or what? that's what i am not sure on.. I uploaded a crude picture of what i am trying to do.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I just dont want to burn anything up since these new injectors were pretty expensive.

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Re: P&H v2.0.1 Stand Alone Wiring ?'s

Post by jbelanger » Mon Jun 09, 2014 11:23 pm

What your picture doesn't show are the EV1 female connectors you need to have on the output side of the board. That's where the 12V from the male connectors would go.

In your picture, you have 2 set of 12V wires that are for powering the injectors. So if you want to keep the 12V connection to the original EV1 female connectors, you will either need to connect the EV1 male connector wires you're wondering about to the new EV1 female connectors or you will need a new set of injector power wires to the new EV1 female connectors. In that latter case, you simply don't need the 12V wires coming out of the EV1 male connectors; simply remove the wires or put them aside in a safe way (there will have 12V on them so you don't want them to short out on something).

A third choice is to remove the 12V wires from the original EV1 female connectors and use them on the new EV1 female connectors.


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