Peak and hold for 6 cyl.'s.

Peak and hold for 6 cyl.'s.

Postby 107merc » Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:10 pm

Finally ready for step 2 of my MS conversion on my 75' Mercedes inline 6, step 1 was EDIS.
Was planning to keep the stock injection pattern of 2 groups of 3 until I read a Toyota
tech article claiming 3 groups of 2 to be more efficient. Lots of articles about adding more injector
pulses to 4 and 8 cyl.'s haven't found anything for inline 6's. Not ready to add full sequential,
is their a way to add 1 more channel with a separate board?? don't want to mess with the MS itself.
Also, Toyota's inline 6, which has the same firing order as my EDIS, uses a different wasted spark
sequence, 1-5, 3-6, 2-4 as opposed to 1-6, 3-4, 5-2 again saying more efficient, the fuel doesn't have to wait as long for a spark
if I understand correctly. Any info, comments etc. would be much appreciated.
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Re: Peak and hold for 6 cyl.'s.

Postby jbelanger » Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:23 pm

You don't mention which MS you have. Is it an MS1, MS2, MS3? With an MS1, there's nothing you can do. With an MS2, the only way to add an injector channel is to modify the MS2 card and the main board as described in the manual (sequential injection section even though you won't do sequential injection). With an MS3, you need to use the MS3X or use the injector outputs that would go to the MS3X and use a different board.

So you need to give more details about your setup (you don't even mention if you are using low impedance injectors) and what you mean when you say that you don't want to mess with the MS.

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Re: Peak and hold for 6 cyl.'s.

Postby 107merc » Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:14 pm

Thanks for responding. Unit is MSII extra, injectors are low impedance, 2.4 ohms, was hoping there was an add on board so I did not have to modify
the MSII motherboard but finally realized it cannot be modified to 3, semi-sequential, PWM outputs, it's 2 or full sequential. Looks like I will leave the original
Benz layout of 2 groups of 3. Any thoughts on Toyota's vs. Ford's wasted spark setup?? Thanks. Should add, Benz injector pulsing is 1-3-5 for 1st pulse 2-4-6
for second.
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