No fuel pump ground on pin 37.

No fuel pump ground on pin 37.

Postby 107merc » Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:47 pm

Jean; tale of 2 MS units. Both, let's call them A(old unit) & B(new unit) work perfectly connected to the JimStim and Tuner Studio, FP lamp momentarily lights when units are powered
and stays on when RPM signal is applied. When unit A is connected to the cable in the car, everything works on the FP circuit. Light momentarily comes on,
enabling "fuel pump" in the I/O section of Tuner Studio makes it stay on. Unit B when connected to the same cable, in the same car, will not activate the FP circuit.
Enabling test mode in T/S turns on the "ready" bar but does nothing to activate the circuit. My question is can you think of any reason why one MS unit would work
with the JimStim but not in the vehicle befor I send it back and they tell me I forgot to do something. Thanks.
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