Dual VR no cam or crank signal from subaru 6/7 microsquirt


Dual VR no cam or crank signal from subaru 6/7 microsquirt

Postby Billsy » Sat Jun 04, 2016 3:58 am


I just received a v2.1a board. and it appears dead, or somethings wrong. no signal through it.

the car is a 98 JDM Legacy GTB, converted to single turbo. running 6/7 triggers
removed my temporary resistor mess which would lose sync over 3000rpm and wired directly to the vr board.
vr- is shared from the factory subaru wiring so its wired to both sensor input negatives (i have tried disconnectimg these with no change)
vr+ is direct from each sensor, using factory wiring
the board is powered by the MS 5v ref wire and has 4.9v supplied to it when ign is on and whilst cranking.
output to the MS is from the out1 and 2 pads and i have tried the output negative from both sensor input neg and from the earth on the power side.

I have tried putting shunts across the sensors, but neither cam or crank shows any signal on the MS trigger logger.
If i bypass the board the car starts.

any ideas to try or could I have a dead board?

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Re: Dual VR no cam or crank signal from subaru 6/7 microsqui

Postby jbelanger » Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:01 pm

It has been a long time since you posted that but if you still have this issue, you can test the board by power it and connecting a LED between the output (OUT1 or OUT2) and ground. If you apply 5V to VR+, the LED should light up and if you apply 5V to VR-, the LED should turn off. If you apply ground instead of 5V, you will see the opposite.

If you know you have a working board, then you need to troubleshoot the connections.

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