VR conditioner circuit setup

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VR conditioner circuit setup

Post by davcol » Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:22 am

i just finsh wiring up the MS using the CAS ignition system the engine originally came with and my friend help me with downloading the firmware and operating software to the MS , the one from your website for sequential injection but i can't get the car to start, when i pull up the coils , no spark was coming from spark B,C and D , only A led light was flashing but B and C led was not flashing, i have done the necessary wiring for sequential ignition to the MS base on the manual but is there some configurating to be done to MS2 to get the spark output to work, is it in the output table of tunerstudio?

I build the VR conditioner circuit base on the diagram post on the website , i am wondering since spark A LED light is flashing during cranking would that mean the conditioner circuit is work ?

I am been very honest , i need help , i am not a computer person so most of these stuff i done understand so please help with this setup, there is a lot of things tunerstudio ask for in the setup that i done understand , that is why i ask if you have a BASIC SETUP for any 2L engine with CAS ignition sequential and injection sequential base map that i can used,

All this is is driving me crazy , i can't get the car to start , when i was cranking it ,the cylinders was then full with gas and cause the engine to gammed , I had to remove the spark plug to get out the gas , no spark was coming from # 2,3 and 4 cylinders.
PLEASE understand my fustration. i almost sorry i start this project , i don't understand fully , i just see something and like it and try it but it is turning out to be a nightmare for me.

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