why is PWM settings greyed

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why is PWM settings greyed

Post by turbojose » Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:40 pm

I'm very new to tuner studio, and MS. I have had a tuner helping me, and doing some of my tuning, but I have been trying to learn things on my own too as I go along. I am working with a 4 cylinder volvo with wasted spark ignition, and full sequential ignition. currently, I am wondering how I can tell what PWM the injectors are working at. example: At idle, what PW are my injectors @, or at WOT, what PW are my injectors seeing. I noticed that the settings for PWM are all greyed out... is that because it is located somewhere elese? or is this something that is just not used in sequential... I'm just at a loss, but be kind, as I said, I'm new. :)

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Re: why is PWM settings greyed

Post by jbelanger » Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:33 am

You can't use PWM with 4 injector channels (additional drivers) because the 2 new drivers use the timers used for PWM. However, you only need PWM for low impedance injectors to limit the current. I think you are confused about what PWM is. You set the pulse width with the required fuel value and the VE table.

You need to post on the msextra forum if you need more help with this since this is really a Megasquirt question. You also need to read the manual.


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