viper v10 configuration
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viper v10 configuration

Post by red50trimsrt » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:02 pm

Hi guys,
I'm building my first megasquirt to run a 1995 viper v10 engine and I have a few questions about building the 4 channel board. I have purchased an ms3 kit, the ms3x expansion board and the jbperf 4 channel v1.1 board.
The ms3 kit came with a bip373 high current driver and the jbperf board came with v5036p fairchild high current drivers. I'm looking to run the factory coils (wasted spark, 5 coils) Can I use both drivers or do I need to match them and purchase another v5036p?
Also, do I install all 4 drivers on the 4 channel board and use it to control 8 of the 10 cylinders?
The board came with 12 resistors, 4 of them I believe are 100k ohm and 8 of them being 1k ohm, which of these resistors should i be using for the ignition driver circuits and injector driver circuits? and in what locations.
Thanks in advance, Brock

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Re: viper v10 configuration

Post by jbelanger » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:44 pm

Ideally, you'd want to have 5 identical drivers so that you have exactly the same ignition characteristics on all cylinders. Using a BIP373 with the 4 V5036P will work but there might be slight differences in latency and effective dwell. You have to decide if the potential differences are significant for your setup. I'd say that this is less critical than it would be for injectors but still not optimal.

And that's also your choice as to whether you decide to use the 4 drivers on the 4 channel board. But from what you say, you have one driver on the main board (whether you use the BIP373 or get a new matching driver) so using the 4 on the 4 channel board would be the logical thing to do. By the way, if you do get a V5036P driver, use a 1k resistor with it and not the 330 Ohm you have with the BIP373; this will match the 4-channel board setup.

The web page for the 4-channel driver board does mention where the resistor go: R1 to R8 are the 1k resistors and R9 to R12 are the 100k resistor. R1 to R4 are for the ignition drivers and R5 to R12 are for the injector drivers.


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