Alternative injector drivers? And using external case

Alternative injector drivers? And using external case

Postby Boyracer » Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:18 am

Hi there!

I have built 4 channel driver board (ignition only) and installed it inside Megasquirt case. I have not yet tried it but I decided to move the board to dedicated ign/inj driver case which will be cast aluminium with MIL 5015 connectors to avoid any possible EMI troubles (and in case of EMP from nuclear blast...). Megasquirt D15 connector -> MIL 10 pin connector -> case -> 2 x MIL 5 pin connectors (one for ignition and injection).

While doing this, I decided to also start using sequential injection. Engine will have to pass emission tests and I think going sequential helps some.

Instructions said to use VND5N07 but my usual parts source does not have them. I ordered IRLR3410 ( ... lr3410.pdf) as replacement but I am not 100% if it is suitable since I am not too familiar with FETs. Can anyone confirm that they are ok? if not, this is the selection I can order alternative parts from: ... _1020_1872
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