Dead TinyIOx? for the TinyIOx

Dead TinyIOx?

Postby MolsonB » Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:48 pm

I haven't used the TinyIOx in a year or 2, finally dusted it off the shelf to start playing with it again. I think I did something and it's dead. I triple checked the power / neg before plugging in, but the chip felt hot to touch. No clue what I did wrong. Not showing up on CAN bus. Can bus is working though as my board is talking back and forth with MS3.


1. Is there anything to test (DMM or oscilloscope) to see if the chip is alive? Does it send a ping on the CAN bus?
2. If I blew the chip, can I just solder on a new one, or is there a bootloader program you load on first before the firmware?
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