Maximum use of spare ADCs for the TinyIOx
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Maximum use of spare ADCs

Post by Rod S » Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:21 am

Not a question, just a "show us your's" kind of topic.

Graham T and myself need a lot more inputs for a project we are working on compared to the space available on the full size IOx build areas.

I usually use the IOx-OEM on my own carrier board but even that hasn't got enough.

So, as we both have a full size IOx, I built this lot.





It has all ADCs 8-23 (plus ADC3 because it's unused on both our IOxs and doesn't need to plug in via the DB37 because it just connects direct through this PCB) and an RS232 for Innovate (which Graham uses rather than my choice of 14point7 which connects seperately) and the DB15 connectors go to a pair of different PCBs (not in any of the photos) that have the pressure (aka MAP) temperature (aka IAT) and EGT sensors/chips on them.

So 17 ADCs in total.

The plugin board overhangs the end of the IOx but, as we are using 160mm cases for our projects, it just overhangs the end of the adjacent 40mm board which is not a problem.

KiCad and iTead make this so easy.

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