4x EGT, LC-1, Accelerometer? Dash?

http://jbperf.com/io_extender/tinyIOx.html for the TinyIOx
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4x EGT, LC-1, Accelerometer? Dash?

Post by suberimakuri » Sun Feb 05, 2017 4:57 pm

Hi there,

Been trawling the forums and struggling to put it all together.
Have an MS3X, long time user (2003?)

1) 4x EGT K probes. Red closed stingers from DIY.
2) I have an LC-1, could interface the serial connection, currently using 0-5V input into MS3X EGO.
3) Accelerometer?... not a must have, just curious on cost.
4) Permanent dash, have been using a Windows and/or Android phone with MSDroid/etc....

5) There is a whole thread on the CAN-EGT here, is this the same as the DIY Autotune listed CAN-EGT (8 probe capable)?
6) Quad CAN-EGT would surely be cheaper... ?
7) TinyIOx with EGT and accel addons a good option?
8) There are a few Arduino type dash projects around. The RaceTech stuff is pricey. The problem with tablets is that they are not very permanent, don't turn on without pressing a button, etc... looking to semi-hardwire something. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, even partial answers/suggestions most welcome. Cheers!

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